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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Dear parents/Careers,

Mother Goose Nursery is pleased to announce our hours of operation to become a pre-school, will be effective from April 2018.

The new opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (see new funded session below).

The change, will still include a breakfast club starting at 8am, will help to accommodate later than school hours of 4pm at an extra cost.

This we feel will create a stronger transition when leaving Mother Goose to start their new adventure at school.

The funded hours will be:

9am - 12pm 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Examples of 15 hours funded sessions could be:

  • 5 x AM or PM sessions per week
  • 2x 9am-3.30 (£6 per day - cost of additional half hour 12-12.30 and lunch is free) plus 1x other AM or PM session

The wrap around times are £6 each

Times available will be:

  • 8am - 9am Free breakfast
  • 12pm – 12.30pm Free Lunch
  • 3.30pm - 4pm Free High Tea

You can still pay for extra sessions if needed throughout the week, based on availability, please see new fee structure leaflet.

All children when they turn pre-school age will receive a book bag, complete with weekly tasks for you as parents to complete with them at home to enhance and encourage their development further getting them school ready.

All children will receive a free Mother Goose uniform t-shirt to be worn, to encourage unity and help create a smooth transition when getting ready for school.


Mother Goose Nursery Team

Children's Daily Timeline

8am - 9am BREAKFAST CLUB BEGINS: A selection of cereal, toasts and spreads, fruit, and cheeses/hams are on offer along with fresh fruit juices, milk and water.
9am - 9.30am Open then Guided Choice Time (Free Play/Garden time) Nursery Opens At arrival children are greeted warmly by their key person, where possible, and then hang up their coats, put away their bags. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings at both arrival and departure and are coached to be self-sufficient in dressing.
9.30am Good morning time and self-registration time is set aside for games, discussions about topics of interest, science observations, math activities, poetry, fingerplays etc.
09.45 am Snack time We offer fruit and a form of carbohydrate milk or water. The children will be encouraged to self–serve.
10.15 am Guided Choice Time (Free Play): Children are invited to choose among a rich variety of learning and play activities throughout the nursery which focus on all areas of the EYFS. We offer free flow into our outdoor space which is enriched with a variety of different learning experiences.
11.00 am Key Person Time & Focused Activities A time for the children to sit down in small focus groups and explore topics together whilst learning the skills of working as a group and bond with their key person. The focused activities will be a range of seasonal/themed activities as outlined on the termly planning board.
11.50 am Lunch Time If you would like your child to stay for lunch (12-12.30) you are required to pay the additional fee which includes a free lunch.
1.00 pm Good afternoon time and self-registration as above.
1.15 pm Guided Choice Time (Free Play/Garden time)
2.00 pm Snack Time: We offer fruit and milk or water. The children will be encouraged to self–serve.
2.30 pm Key Person Time & Focused Activities As Above.
3.00 pm Story time / Music time
3.20 pm Getting ready to go home
3.30 pm Home timegreeted goodbye and parents told about their child’s day or stay until 4pm extra session
3.30 - 4 pm Guided Choice Time (Free Play/Garden time)
4 pm Nursery Closes

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