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Beach School

We are pleased to announce Natasha and Gemma have completed their level 3 beach schools practitioners’ course, from Forest School’s Education (FSE) based in Sheffield. By doing this it has enabled them to undertake and run Beach sessions, which would make us one of the first in Thanet!!!

Why Beach sessions?

Image of Beach Poster

We are fortunate to have the beach in such proximity to our Pre-school and can make use of it regularly as a fantastic learning resource for our children. Beach School has a holistic, first-hand experience approach to learning and we use the beach environment right here in Ramsgate to take the curriculum outside.

This method of learning helps the children become aware of the coastal environment and develop a greater awareness of marine life and plants, along with a better understanding of beach safety, and exploring the naturally beautiful spaces in our community.

Beach School provides all our explorers with the opportunity to grow and develop self-esteem, creativity and confidence through exploration and learning in a natural marine environment.

Image of Beach School Delivery Pattern


Beach Sessions

What will we do?

Each week a team of qualified staff will go to the beach at least twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. The children will take part in many different activities; play games, create sculptures, build shelters and discover marine life. The outdoor environment stimulates their physical health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Marine Conservation Society

We are actively involved in supporting the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) beach clean and intend to participate during 2019, so watch this space.